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2025 Tax Credit – Registration opens on July 1, 2024.

2024 Tax Credit Update

The 60 day contribution deadline expired March 8, 2024. We are no longer accepting donations for a tax credit. When the 60-day contribution period expires, there are no extensions.

To make a charitable contribution at any time without the tax credit.

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Listen to the Bishops’ Pledge of Support for GRACE Scholars  –  Learn How GRACE is Life-Changing for the Lester and Maxwell Families

The Mission of GRACE Scholars, Inc.

To provide children from families with financial need throughout the State of Georgia with greater opportunities to secure a quality PK-12 Catholic education.

Our goal is to afford qualifying families a quality education while providing donors with an opportunity to use their tax dollars towards Catholic school scholarships.

I can say so much about the GRACE scholarship. GRACE made a quality education a real opportunity. Without GRACE, my son would have never been able to even dream of getting such a quality education.  As a single mom, private school was never given a thought as a possibility until we heard about the GRACE scholarship.

Parent of a Junior, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, Roswell, Georgia

My support of GRACE Scholars was the easiest decision I ever had to make.  GRACE enables those who cannot afford the cost to attend a Catholic school to benefit from a curriculum that includes moral values and Biblical teachings.  It costs nothing as my contributions are made in lieu of paying state income taxes.  But, the lifelong benefits are priceless to our community and society.

Bliss Jones, Independent GRACE Board Member

The GRACE scholarship enabled my son and our family to be a part of St. Teresa’s.  We do not know where we would be without it.  St. Teresa’s is like a second home to us and the growth I have seen in my son is remarkable.  GRACE Scholarships make all things possible.

Parent of an 8th grader, St. Teresa’s Catholic School, Albany Georgia



Scholarship Award Recipients SY22-23
Individual donors in 2022
Amount Dispersed for SY23-24 (in M)
Awarded to Minority Students SY23-24