2019 GRACE Scholars Profile Survey

GRACE Scholars annually surveys its participating schools on demographic and family income characteristics of award recipients. The purpose of the survey is to help GRACE evaluate how well GRACE is doing in achieving its mission.  Survey information is gathered separately from the scholarship award process, and the information is not used in making award decisions.

As of September 2019

  • A Total of 1169 Students are currently receiving scholarships

  • Gender:
    Male: 46%
    Female: 54%

  • Type of school:
    Elementary: 68%
    Secondary: 32%

  • Religious Affiliation:
    Catholic: 72%
    Non-Catholic 28%

  • Lunch Program Qualified:
    Yes: 49%
    No: 51%

  • One in four Scholars come from families with annual incomes (AGI) of $25,032 or less while the median family income (AGI) is $43,312.

  • Ethnicity*:
    Hispanic or Latino: 28%
    Not Hispanic or Latino: 72%

Race Pie Chart
Geography Pie Chart
 *GRACE Scholars uses the race and ethnicity categories of the National Catholic Educational Association