SVA-Graduation2GRACE Scholars accepts gifts of securities and mutual fund shares. Such gifts are handled through the Archdiocese of Atlanta Office of Finance. The Archdiocese receives the securities, sells the shares and forwards the net proceeds to GRACE. Gifts of securities and mutual fund shares are subject to procedures of the Archdiocese and its broker. Stock and mutual fund gifts are also subject to state law regarding education tax credits. To initiate your tax credit application, refer to the contribution process.

After receiving state tax credit approval, initiate the stock/mutual fund transfer by following these instructions:

Securities (revised 10-20-2021)

Mutual fund shares held by a broker 

Attachment I: Sample Letter of Intent to Gift Shares of Mutual Fund held in a Brokerage Account 

Attachment II: Sample Letter to Broker to Transfer Mutual Fund Shares 

little girl at boardWhen communicating with the broker and the Archdiocesan finance office, it is important to identify GRACE and your designation as the beneficiary of your gift — “GRACE Scholars, Inc./Name of school(s) or Board Choice,” for example.

The process runs more smoothly when staff is given early notice. The contact at the Archdiocesan Office of Finance is Mary Ann Brown (404.920.7407). For coordination purposes, please also contact Melissa Bassett (404.920.7902), Director of GRACE Scholars.