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Once registered for the tax credit:

  • You will receive an immediate confirmation email from GRACE Scholars. GRACE will enter your tax credit to the Georgia Tax Center on the first business day in January 2024.
  • Watch for an approval letter in the U.S. Mail in early January 2024 from the Department of Revenue.
  • The letter gives your approval date and the amount of the tax credit. Keep the letter for your tax records. GRACE does not need a copy of the letter.
  • Follow Contribution Process and Giving Options
  • Online registration is preferred. Paper registration forms are available by contacting

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Tax Credit Limits

Single/head of household – lesser of tax liability or $2,500

Married filing jointly – lesser of tax liability or $5,000

Married filing separately – lesser of tax liability or $2,500

Owners of S corporations, LLCs and partnerships – up to $25,000 of the taxpayer’s tax liability from pass-through entities selected by the taxpayer. The tax credit is 5.49% of the taxpayer’s Georgia estimated income from pass-through entities.

C corporations and fiduciaries or pass-through business making HB 149 election – up to 75% of estimated state income tax liability

Any unused tax credits for individuals may be carried forward for up to five years. Contact your tax professional for details.