Scholarship Library

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Annual Initial Scholarship Balance Memos

Balance Memos are sent via email to school Principals and Scholarship Coordinators the third week in March each year. Schools can request scholarship balances at any time during the year. Contact

The Georgia Department of Education annually establishes the state index (the annual maximum scholarship). The index is based on per pupil public school expenditures.

School Scholarship Forms

Renewal Recommendation Form for SY 2024-2025: View/download the instructions. This form is a listing of your school’s current GRACE Scholars. Renewal forms are sent via email to school Principals and Scholarship Coordinators in January each year.

Recommendation Form for new GRACE Scholars SY 2024-2025:  View/download the form and the instructions.

Other relevant forms:

Student Application Forms

  • Scholarship Application Forms SY 2024-2025:  English  |  Spanish  |  Vietnamese
  • Scholarship Application Checklist SY 2024-2025:  English  |  Spanish  |  Vietnamese
  • Affidavit of Residence  – This form is used with FTCs when no other form of Georgia proof of residence is available.  It is one of several acceptable proofs of residence.
  • This form is an option, not a requirement. The name of the parent/guardian (affiant on the form) and his/her address must match the name and address of the student on the application form.
  • The affidavit must be sworn to and signed in the presence of a notary public.

Low-Performing Schools Exception

State law grants exceptions to the public school attendance rule for students zoned for attendance at public schools, which are deemed “low-performing” by the Governor’s Office of School Achievement (GOSA) based on public school CCRPI scores published annually by the Georgia Department of Education (DOE).

Click to view/download the 2019 CCRPI school scores database for SY 2024-25.

(Use the 2019 CCRPI school scores for SY24-25. GRACE will notify schools of any updates). 

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