Archbishop Hartmayer of The Archdiocese of Atlanta Supports GRACE Scholars

Archbishop Gregory Hartmayer has asked for parishes to help increase awareness of the GRACE Scholars program.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Peace and all good things!

As your archbishop, it is my privilege and solemn duty to teach, govern, and sanctify the people of God. Today more than ever, we have to provide ample opportunities for people to fully understand our faith and experience the love of God through His Church.

I spent much of my early ministry in schools, so Catholic education is close to my heart. That’s why making Catholic education accessible to all families is so important to me.

Today, I am asking you to participate in GRACE Scholars, the only Catholic Student Scholarship Organization or S S O run by the Archdiocese of Atlanta and the Diocese of Savannah. GRACE Scholars provides tuition assistance to families with minimal financial means.

First, I want you to meet a family who was able to provide a Catholic education to their children thanks to a program here in Georgia called GRACE Scholars.

As you can see, GRACE offers a tremendous opportunity to support the teaching of the faith, prepare future leaders in society and build our Catholic church of tomorrow through a Catholic school education.

Last year, GRACE Scholars awarded more than 3 point 7 million dollars in scholarships to 1,076 students attending our Catholic schools across the state.

This weekend, I am challenging our faithful. Let your love of the Church and your voices be heard.

Please visit gracescholars dot org and sign up for your tax credit.Choose how you want to spend your tax dollars. If at least two additional people from every parish participate this year, we could sponsor hundreds more students.

I also invite our priests to consider GRACE. I pray we will have new sign-ups at every parish.

On behalf of myself, our Catholic schools, Bishop Parkes of Savannah, and most especially, the children and families your participation will support, I extend my gratitude.

This assistance will provide lifelong benefits that are priceless to our children and their families, our society, and the future of the Church. May God bless you, and may the peace of Christ be with you all.