For Donors

In 2022, one in four GRACE Scholar recipients came from families with annual incomes (AGI) of $23,926 or less. You can help deserving students in Georgia receive an excellent Catholic education at no cost to you. In exchange for your contribution to GRACE Scholars, you will receive a 100% state income tax credit. Donations become impactful scholarships to the Catholic school of your choice. GRACE limits scholarship assistance to deserving families. Unbiased grant and aid assessment helps to determine awards.

IRS ruling (Effective June 2019): This ruling allows individual taxpayers who itemize deductions to treat their donation to GRACE on their federal return as payment of state or local taxes subject to the $10,000 SALT (state and local tax) cap. Donate $1,000 to GRACE and you lower your state of Georgia tax liability by $1,000 (100% of your donation) and if you itemize on your federal return you can treat the $1,000 donation as state and local income tax payments which are deductible up to the $10,000 cap.

A GRACE Scholars’ Donor Shares Their Experience

My support of GRACE Scholars was the easiest decision I ever had to make.  GRACE enables those who cannot afford the cost to attend a Catholic school to benefit from a curriculum that includes moral values and Biblical teachings.  It costs nothing as my contributions are made in lieu of paying state income taxes.  But, the lifelong benefits are priceless to our community and society.

Bliss Jones, Independent GRACE Board Member